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Prof. Dr. Adrian P. Simpson

Institut für Germanistische Sprachwissenschaft
Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena
Fürstengraben 30
07743 Jena

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Teaching Office hours (term-time)
Wednesday, 11:00-12:30

Courses winter term 2018/19
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Einführung in die Phonetik und Phonologie der deutschen Sprache (B-GSW-01), Friday, 08.15-09.00

Allgemeine Phonetik (Sprewi-01), Thursday, 12.15-13.45
Experimentelle Phonetik (Sprewi-05) , seminar, Thursday, 14.15-15.45 | lecture, Friday, 09.15-10.00

Komparative Phonetik und Phonologie (M-GSW-01) , Thursday & Friday, 10.15-11.45

Since May 2003 Professor of speech at the Institute of German Linguistics, University of Jena
10/2001-4/2003 Acting chair of speech at the Institute of German Linguistics, University of Jena
4/1999-9/1999 Acting chair at the Institute of Phonetics, University of the Saarland
10/1992-9/2001 Lecturer at the Institute of Phonetics and Digital Speech Processing, University of Kiel
10/1987-9/1992 University of Tübingen, language assistant at the Dept. of English; lecturer in phonetics at the Dept. of Natural Language Systems (from 10/1991)
8/1992 DPhil, Dept. of Language and Linguistic Science, University of York (Download thesis)
10/1981-7/1985 BA Hons Language, University of York
Research Phonetic correlates of sex and gender
Articulatory and acoustic differences between male and female speech. Which differences are learnt, which are anatomical and physiological inevitabilities?

Phonetics and phonology of spontaneous speech
Description and explanations of the phonetic patterns of spontaneous speech.

Nonpulmonic epiphenomenal sound production
Clicks and ejectives emerge as epiphenomenal products of certain nasal and oral stop sequences where the place of articulation of the first stop is anterior to that of the second, e.g. [-mk-].

Funded projects
Acoustic and articulatory aspects of sex and gender in German
Interactions of visual and auditory information in social perception related to gender and ethnicity
Voice variability in child and adult directed speech
Organisations International Phonetic Association (Vice-President)
British Association of Academic Phoneticians
Acoustical Society of America
Mitteldeutscher Verband für Sprechwissenschaft und Sprecherziehung e.V.
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