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Here you can only "some" programs, but don't forget they are FREE ! And it's no trash, only stuff I use regulary !!! If you think I should include your program (please a short description, I'm not able to test everything completly ...) or a prog you like eMail me. BTW: I will only update this page regulary if I get some feedback - if nobody mails me, I think nobody uses this page !

Click on the pictures to download the FREE programms !

GRAPHIC FREEWARE (I used for my pages !):

BLOB Generator
BLOB Sculptor 2.0b -
BS is a blob/metaball modeller, that allows you to create unique organic shapes which can be incorporated into your favorite graphics rendering program. Using BS, you can create, position, and edit multiple blobs and their components, preview their interactions, and output the result to such formats as POVRay, PolyRay, and DXF (3D Studio, AutoCad, ... ). (78KB)

SPARKL SPARKL - This is a small utility to add those glint or sparkle-type effects. It doesn't add sparkles arbitrarily, but works by painting in radial spikes or rays around what are already the brightest pixels in an image. The number of spokes, their intensity and length, and overall rotation angle is adjustable through command-line parameters. More nice tools at John Beale's HP ! (31KB)

GO32, DOS4GW & CWSDPMI - The DOS Extenders missing in all my archives - for everybody who needs them ! Please don't ask John Beale for this anymore !!! (197 KB)

DISPLAYDISPLAY V1.89 PnP - GREAT FREEWARE 32bit VIEWER & CONVERTER for lots of formats like GIF (transparent, interlaced), JPG (progressive, optimized), PNG, PCX, BMP, FLC, MPG, AVI, QT, Photo-CD and MUCH MORE by Jih-Shin Ho ! Supports fast colored preview, a NC style interface, special effects, CD player, complete VESA support ! (709 KB)

LVIEWERLVIEWER V4.0 - FREE fast mesh viewer for 3DS, RAW ascii, Fractint RAY, RenderStar RDF, LPARSER VOL, ARE-24 POL by Laurens Lapre the maker of Lparser , the great 3D Lsystem generator ! You haven't to start 3D Studio or POVLAB for a fast look on your meshes ! No DOS4GW.EXE included, this 32bit DOS extender comes with almost all games/ game demos ! (91KB)

3DS2POV3DS2POV V1.80 - This free program can convert your binary 3D Studio 3DS file in POV 1.0, POV 2.0 including basic material parameters (color, ambient, diffuse, reflection, transparency) and smoothing. It also supports the output of RAW (useful for POVLAB), Vivid and Polyray. Supports animation ! Done by Steve Anger and Jeff Bowermaster ! (129KB)

NEW: Download SHOWJPG (V2.52) - Ultra-fast 386-JPEG image viewer with capability of displaying and scrolling during decompression. Supports extra-quality decompression, HiColor (32k, 64k colors) & Truecolor (16M colors), Baseline JFIF-JPEG, Raw JPEG, MacBinary JPEG images in grayscales and in TrueColor color scheme and more. Critical routines coded in optimized ASM ! By Jan Patera.

Download PICTVIEW (V1.65g) - Ultra-fast viewer and converter of GIFs, JPGs, movie pictures, faxes, scanned images and over other 30 graphics formats including BMP, BW, CDR, CMX, CUR, CUT, DCX, DIB, FLC, FLI, GIF, HAM, ICN, ICO, IFF, IMG, JFF, JIF, JMX, JPG, LBM, MAC, MSP, PBM, PC2, PCT, PCX, PGM, PIC, PNG, PNM, PPM, QFX, RAS, RGB, RLE, SAM, SCx, SEP, SGI, TGA, TIF, WPG. By Jan Patera.

Link to MINOS - A complete 3D Solid CAD System. Including Fast Hidden Line removal, Solid shapes (extrude, revolve, pipe, pocket, ...), topological functions (fuse cut common), 3D geometric constuctions, IGES facility, shading, printing, hatches, line construction and more !

Link to free OBJ/DXF/STL (binary or ASCII) converter by Benoit Michel


- GMathe is a Math-Programm written for people who learn math in school or at university. Anyway it may also be helpful for people who teach math. In "Analysis" you can have a look at functions, in "Geometry" GMathe provides some geometrical calculations (on triangles, plains ...). "Berechnungen" allows pure mathematical operations as you find them on some better pocket calculators. German FREEWARE by Christian Grothoff: (422KB)

Link to GVoctra - GVoctra is a programm to teach languages. It works under DOS. The freeware-version contains 8.000 words (german-english, german-french, german-latin). GVoctra is able to create cross-word-riddles. It is possible to create multiple-choice-tests. Important is, that GVoctra remembers, which words the users did not know - and if you want, GVoctra will ask unknown words more frequently. GVoctra is easy to install and to handle. German FREEWARE by Christian Grothoff

Link to AVIEW is an archive-viewer/manipulator utility for the Norton Commander, it views ARC, ARJ, HYP, LZH, PAK, RAR, SQZ, UC2, ZIP and ZOO archives automatically, it shows lots of info about the files in the archive, you can also tag files and unpack them, all operations also work on archive-in-archive (up to 16 levels deep).

Comments, ideas, questions and money :) to me !!!

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