Here you can find sources, not many at the moment, but if I have new things and the feedback is good (more than the 2 hits per year by me) I will extend it. And if PowerBASIC Inc. makes their compiler optimizing in a better way than now, I'll write some more things ... ! For now look at my links and the PowerBASIC start page (graphics/POVRAY/POVLAB) !

To download the software, klick on the pictures !!!


- All people hope to find a good algorithm for effective, high-quality image compression and at Iterated Systems you will get it ! Here is a small PowerBASIC and QBASIC program for these Iterated Function Systems discovered by Michael Barnsley. It's an very easy implementation, but with many impressive examples and a long german :( doc. (48KB)

FRACCOLFRACCOL - My first programming experiments (1993) on the PC. Some run QBASIC, some in PowerBASIC only - and they aren't well documented or with german documents only. Different kind of fractals: MANDEL, JULIA, IFS, PLASMA, BIOMORPH, POPCORN, DRAGON, KOCH, FEIGENBAUM, HUEPFER, TREEs, OIL and some more. (36KB)


- A small game we have developed for our informatics lessons. We are Robert Seidel, Jan Weiland and Markus Erler. I have written the source (PB), developed the sprites and created some backgrounds. Markus has done some backgrounds and Jan the funny intro (PAS)! The doc is german, but you can develop own levels easily ! INCLUDING SOURCE ! (426KB)


- The program is for all the fans of the greatest optimist of our time. More than 1300 sayings of MURFY with PowerBASIC source for the viewer and an EXE for all the people without PB. The source includes a fast LINEINPUT (about 3x faster than the PB version) by A. Monroe. For maximum fun put it in your AUTOEXEC.BAT ! (77KB)

Comments, ideas, questions and money :) to me !!!

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