Click the pic for download ! Information about the Ixps, Axps, Pxps and Sxps (IPAS) !
GOLUCH IPAS RAND, TOOLBOX, SPHERE, GAME, TURN, PV, PMATH & GSINE - The ULTIMATE IPAS - created by Serge Goluch.Very useful PXP tools, including a fast gshade preview. Also the 1st IPAS game ever included and almost all other free "one day toy" in this package. His great Key Factory you can get by 4DVision ! Many thanks for the missing "PV" go to Josep Fernandez ! If you know Serge Goluchs eMail please tell me !(288KB)
AVI for 3DS EXCLUSIVE 3D Studio IPAS: AVI for 3DS by Stefan Teichert I asked the author of the SHAREWARE AVI IXP for 3D Studio, if he had written more 3DS routines. He hadn't, but he allowed me to GIVE AWAY THE FULLVERSION OF AVI FOR 3D STUDIO FOR FREE !!!You can use it free, but drop me and the author a line, if you find it useful. If you use it for games, please send us a free version of it! It writes 16/24 bit uncompressed AVI - so there is no quality loss. You can use this AVI for using filters, creating other compressions types (QT, MPEG, AVI) and more without having lots of TGA on disk or a 256 :( color FLC! (26 KB) 
HARRY D IXP EXCLUSIVE: THE Harry Denholm IXP COLLECTION - NEON, FLIPP, KLINE, PIXELZ, DRAIN, CHANELZ - useful 3D Studio videopost filters for different animated special effects - All are now FREEWARE ! Please visit the Ishani Graphics webpage for up-to-date releases and additional plugins, including new 3DS MAX items! (169 KB) 
WAVE & RIPPLE Animated WAVE & RIPPLE - The purpose of periodic surfaces is to provide generalized wave and ripple function procedural bump mapping with both spatial and time-based controls. They may also be used to provide unusual texture mapping effects. XWAVE, for example, produces some very strange fuzzy quilt-like patterns. By Audrey M. Peterson from Sisyphus Software. (68KB) 
TEAPOT The TEAPOT Generator IPAS V1.0 - As far as I know 3D Studio MAX has one - and now here for all "normal" 3D Studio users - the teapot ;) ! For all teapot fetishists a MUST - all others can help me putting more (useful) FREE IPAS on this page by sending me URLs or the IPAS itself !!! I hope I will get an answer or this will be one of the last FREE IPAS :(((( (23KB)
The Meier Utilities is an IPAS Plug-In designed to simplify access to some of the most common 3D Studio commands, and provide powerful tools to work with multiple lights, cameras and meshes. For manipulating multiple items, the program supports the saving and recall of groups of items by name. (90KB)
CHIRRO GRAD, RIPPLE, BUB & PAT - Also very nice and free IPAS by Chirro. GRAD - Gradient SXP (no bitmaps anymore !), RIPPLE - AXP for ... , BUB - Bubble AXP (for more realism), PAT - KXP for creating the paths for the animation of the AXP. Many parameters for the ultimate control of your animation. For more information read the TXT files or visit his site ! (188KB)
VRBL VRML/VRBL - A free KXP routine by Kinetix for converting your 3DS meshes into VRML 1.0 (WRL). Includes online help, object types: trimesh (faces only), primitives (change object in primitive, like cone, cube, sphere - so the file is smaller), hyperlinks, viewpoint, behaviors, animation (VRBL), level of detail, texture, infostring, ... . VRBL for 3D Studio R4 only ! (79KB)
FDD FFD V1.01 - Free Form Deformation IPAS - very useful, especially because the Youst Group forgot this very important editing feature in 3D Studio until R4 ! It's a free IPAS by Pavel Korensky and works with 3DS R2 - R4. In the small doc you can read he wanted to write another FFD with more features, if sb. knows more about it, eMail me ! Nice for morphing and living objects! (19KB)
BEVEL BEVEL 3D V1.0 - ... is a procedural modelling tool that takes any shape created in the 2D Shaper and then adds extrusion and beveled edges. Bevel 3D is designed to work with 2D shapes and includes a preview - no problems with the lofter anymore! It's by Roger Helman and Digimation - the makers of LenZFX, ... . (I can't afford these IPAS - but it's great that B3D is free :( ) (145KB)
MIXED CATAIL, SHIELD, SINCOS - Also free IPAS from different authors. CATTAIL - an AXP for a Cat Tail Generator, includes animation support and C source, SHIELD - an AXP to generate shield effects, you know from STAR TREK and SINCOS - an particle generator (AXP). Very different and nice effects ! Now all FILES ! (184KB)

All artwork, text and other stuff by Robert Seidel 1996-97