There are several "Tridents" on the Internet. They take up at least 49 IP addresses over all. (However, only 18 of them link to web sites.) For several months before we went "live", several other sites were getting hit with questions about Trident Microsystems. As a service to these companies (and as thanks for their patience) we offer this list. These are all the"Tridents" I could find on the net and a link to their site. Trident cannot guarantee these sites in any way, neither do we promote these sites. We offer this just to help clarify any potential confusion in finding the "Trident" company you seek.

If you find any others, please let me know and I will add them. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Pete Snyder at Trident Systems for his patience, and Phillip Remaker at Cisco for his very informative email. Thanks guys!

Trident Computer Services http://WWW.TRIDENTCORP.COM/
Trident Consulting, Inc. http://WWW.TRIDENT-CONSULT.COM/
Trident Data Sytems http://WWW.TDS.COM/
Trident Group Inc. http://WWW.TRIDENTGROUPINC.COM/
Trident Holdings http://WWW.TRIDENTHOLDINGS.COM/
Trident Internet Systems, Inc. http://WWW.T5.COM/
Trident Labs, Inc. http://WWW.TRIDENTLAB.COM/
Trident Microsystems http://WWW.MOBILERADIO.COM/
Trident Microsystems Inc. http://WWW.TRID.COM/
Trident Pharmaceuticals, Inc. http://WWW.TRIDENTRX/
Trident Real Estate Services http://WWW.TRIDENTRES.COM/
Trident Releasing http://WWW.TRI-NET.COM/
Trident Software Systems http://WWW.TRIDENT.COM/
Trident Software, Inc. http://WWW.TRIDENTS.COM/
Trident Systems, Inc. http://WWW.TRIDENT.NET/
Trident Systems, Inc. http://WWW.TRIDENTSYSTEMS.COM/
Trident Systems, Inc. http://WWW.TRIDSYS.COM/
Trident Tool, Inc. http://WWW.TRIDENTTOOL.COM/

Please feel free to copy and post this list as you wish. All of these links were active when I coded this page.You may want to verify them before linking to this page, or posting this list on any other site.


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