Data repository for research published by Volker Gast

Welcome to one my personal data repository. On this page I provide the raw data for empirical research papers.

The data are provided for the purpose of inspection and replication. If you want to carry out analyses of your own, please refer to the relevant publication and acknowledge the data as well as the annotators.

The data files are stored in csv-format, with a backslash ('\') or a tab stop ('\t') separating the columns. For information about the data (variables, coding decisions etc.), please consult the relevant publications.

Data files and links

Gast, V. (2015). On the use of translation corpora in contrastive linguistics. A case study of impersonalization in English and German. Languages in Contrast 15.1: 4-33.
Sample I399 pairs of English and German sentences from the Europarl corpus, with the German sentences containing mandownload (csv)
Sample II500 pairs of English and German sentences from the OpenSubtitles corpus, with the German sentences containing mandownload (csv)

Gast, V. & C. Rzymski (2015). Towards a corpus-based analysis of evaluative scales associated with even. Linguistik Online 70.8.
Sample200 examples manually annotated for sentence-level attitudesdownload (csv)

Gast, V. (2015). Advanced tongue root harmony in Sibidiri Idi, a language of Southern Papua New Guinea? 11th Meeting of the Association for Linguistic Typology, Albuquerque.01.08.2015.
Sound filesSound files linked to the handoutdownload (zip)

Gast, V. (2017). The scalar operator even and its German equivalents: Pragmatic factors determining the use of auch, selbst and sogar. In De Cesare, Anna-Maria (ed.), Focus on Additivity. Multifaceted views on Focusing Modifiers, 201-234. Benjamins.
SampleTree data in JSON-formatdownload (json)
SampleAnnotation data in CSV-formatdownload (csv)

Atayan, V., B. Fetzer, V. Gast, D. Möller and T. Ronalter (forthcoming). Ausdrucksformen der unmittelbaren Nachzeitigkeit in Originalen und Übersetzungen: Eine Pilotstudie zu den deutschen Adverbien gleich und sofort und ihren Äquivalenten im Französischen, Itaienischen, Spanischen und Englischen. In Ahrens, B., S. Hansen-Schirra, M. Krein-Kühle, M. Schreiber, U. Wienen (eds.), Translation und Linguistik. Berlin: Frank & Timme.
SampleData in JSON-formatdownload (json)

Atayan, V., V. Gast, J. Biege, B. Fetzer, S. Hettrich, A. Weber (submitted). Unmittelbare Nachzeitigkeit im Deutschen und Französischen: Eine Studie auf Grundlage des OpenSubtitles-Korpus. In Konecny, C., C. Konzett, E. Lavric, W. Pöckl (eds.), Comparatio delectat III. Akten der VIII. Internationalen Arbeitstagung zum romanisch-deutschen und innerromanischen Sprachvergleich. Frankfurt: Lang.
SampleData in csv-formatdownload (csv)

Gast, V. (2017). So much as and even in downward entailing contexts. A quantitative study based on data from the British National Corpus'. In Emonds, Joseph & Markéta Janebová (eds.): Language Use and Linguistic Structure. Proceedings of the Olomouc Linguistics Colloquium 2016. Olomouc: Palacký University.
Sample282 even-sentences and meta-data in csv-formatdownload (csv)
Sample251 so much as-sentences and meta-data in csv-formatdownload (csv)
AnnotationsAnnotated data csv-format (200 examples)download (csv)

Gast, V. & M. Koptjevskaja-Tamm (submitted). The areal factor in lexical typology. Some evidence from lexical databases.
CLICS-datacolexification data in csv-formatdownload (csv)
ASJP-datacolexification data in csv-formatdownload (csv)