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Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena

Philosophenweg 12, D-07743 Jena, Germany
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Members of the Group:

Adelhard Köhler, Head

E-mail: adelhard.koehler@uni-jena.de


Former Members of the Group:

Sylvio May

Peter Schiller

Mirco Wahab

Martin Hoffmann

Peter Buschmann

1. Lehre (in German; for students)


a) Hinweise zu aktuellen Vorlesungen und Übungen

b) Grundvorlesung "Biophysik" für Biologen

c) Grundvorlesung "Biophysik" für Biochemiker

d) Vorlesung "Mathematische Modelle in der Biophysik/Biochemie" (Math. Biologie)

e) Übungen zur Vorlesung "Math. Modelle in der Biophysik/Biologie" (Math. Biologie)

f) Vorlesung "Energieübertragung und Strukturbildung"



a) Hinweise zu aktuellen Praktika

b) Praktikum "Biophysik" für Biologen

c) Praktikum "Biophysik" für Biochemiker

d) Praktikum "Biophysikalische Chemie und Spektroskopische Methoden"


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2. Research Interests:

1. Symmetry and Shape of Biological Objects

* Fuzzy symmetry of biological objects (e.g., leaves)
* Fourier analysis of biological forms
* Description of forms in higher-dimensional form spaces / shape spaces
* Normal deformations of forms

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2. System Dynamics and Membrane Transport

* Dynamics of simple chemical reaction networks
* Membrane transport in Egeria

|| publications ||

3. Elastic Properties of Membranes and Interactions with Proteins and Peptides

* Molecular theories of membrane elasticity
* Electrostatic interactions of flexible membranes and macroions
* Thermodynamics of cationic lipid-DNA complexes (lipoplexes)
* Interactions between membrane inclusions

|| publications ||

4. Molecular Statistical and Continuum Theories of Complex Fluids

* Elasticity theory of liquid crystals
* Electrically driven instabilities of liquid crystal films
* Application of stochastic models for dielectric spectroscopy
* Density functional theory of membrane inclusions and adsorbed particles

|| publications ||

5. Liquid Crystals and Their Interactions with Surfaces

* Textures of liqid crystals
* Interaction of liquid crystals with surfaces (anchoring, tilt angle)
* Structure of nematic droplets
* Optical properties of liquid crystal layers

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