pipe2xeasy 2.0

Nov. 26th, 2000

pipe2xeasy transforms nmrPipe to XEASY 16bit format.

USAGE: pipe2xeasy -f factor -out xeasy_file <transformed_nmrPipe_file
or: ... nmrPipe -di | pipe2xeasy -f factor -out xeasy_file
where xeasy_file has to be given without the .3D.param/.3D.16 extension.

pipe2xeasy reads a nmrPipe file from standard input. It does not change the order, or number of data points. It just transforms every data point from float to xeasy16 format, and tries to produce an xeasy header that makes sense out of this data.

Version 2.0 does not mean that the program works. It is just to distinguish this version from the 0.1 - 0.4 versions that were produced in 1996, and from the SPSCAN 1.xx macros of the same name. pipe2xeasy 2.0 is a new approach, written from scratch on a rainy November sunday, using some fragments of code from spscan 1.0.65.

With respect to licence policy, this program is considered to be part of SPSCAN. Use for academic research is free of charge.

Ralf W. Glaser
Last modified: Sun Nov 26 19:48:24 CET 2000