Developer Changes

Release 1.0.64

9.12.99 16:00
True Color support, see color of spectra
SPSCAN placed under cvs control. new and chaotic version numbers to the individual source code files. Changed to default cvs numbering scheme.
error reporting bug (where_u overwriting) fixed
peak delete bug fixed
window follows crosshair coded.
adapted to GNU egcs compiler. (Still lots of warnings for multiple ...)
spm average_linewidth fixed
ass_tool starts to work (2D only). more development necessary.
dimension definition of
  int plane[DIMENSION-2];    // position in spectrum in indirect dims
  float ppm_i[DIMENSION-2];  // ppm in indirect dims
  float o_ppm_i[DIMENSION-2];  // last ppm_i from show
  float thick_i[DIMENSION-2];  // ppm range for ch and peaks in indirect dims
  signed char status_i[DIMENSION-2];  // whether cursor out of plane causes pla
changed: now size[DIMENSION], lower unused. Hope I got everything corrected.
5.3.00 started: independent 1D spectral window.

Release 1.0.65

Adaptation to compile again on SGI (disteli, IRIX6.2) and on SUN (SunOS 5.5.1 with egcs)
some char to const char, ...
bugfix in jump_return_correction. 1D jump experiments supported.
bugfix in nmrPipe read routine for 3D spectra in one-file mode.
fit_1D-tool ok. Used to evaluate TEMPOL spectra. Manual entries & tutorial written (separate file spscan.fit_1D.html)

Release 1.1.0

Feb 02
Porgram scanned for code that cannot be put to GPL. removed. no replacement. (WITH_INFIT)
March 02
Reto Koradi's version of removed. Simple local contourline code written, that does not follow contours. Reto Koradi's version takes only about half the memory for large contour plot at a small cost of 10-20% more cpu time, so it should be used if available. (RETO_CONTOUR)